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  1. [Anime] Re: HxH MadHouse Anime Discussion! (Use Spoilers for safety...) - Part 3

    Regarding the time change, it really does not matter since the show is about to end anyway. I simply blame Togashi for stopping to be awesome.
  2. [Anime] Re: HxH MadHouse Anime Discussion! (Use Spoilers for safety...) - Part 3

    Can meleoron easily defeat anyone by himself? What can he do, poke their eyes? If he vanishes, the lowly ant can just ran away. He is near useless unless he has a teammate who can actually attack.
  3. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Liar Game Chapter 165 Discussion/166 Prediction

    This chapter is good only because the previous chapters are not. Still, i hope as before the explanations are more awesome than the reveal. Hope they show a glimpse of what happened to Yokoya and end...
  4. [Anime] Re: HxH MadHouse Anime Discussion! Part 2

    I am wondering if a strong reason to not put the "kamikaze incident" is because it sounds like what terrorists would do (i know they are not terrorists and this is for vengeance, but hey, right now...
  5. [Anime] Re: HxH MadHouse Anime Discussion! Part 2

    Hi guys, long time lurker, manga reader.

    It's really cool how they decided that Hisoka's fortune "change" is a cliffhanger. Anime only people are going to feel like watching something like Death...
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