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    Re: HI all! Aspiring Manga Creator here.

    I will have to check it out. Any particular series I should look at?
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    Re: HI all! Aspiring Manga Creator here.

    I love Bleach. I am looking forward to some Naruto too. I'd pay to read Bleach which is
    the one of the few I'm familiar with. Too bad Borders closed shop. :(

    I wanted to simulate the...
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    HI all! Aspiring Manga Creator here.

    Hi all!
    I'm new here. I'm just about to get back into art and I love working with
    sketches so after discovering it last week, I'm all about it!

    I have a question: Bleach Manga has White,...
  4. New To Manga, Scanning, Ink, Paper, Resolution, A4, Archive Format, Screen Tones, GIMP


    I am about to partake of the Holy Manga Creation Process.

    I would like to discuss and verify what makes sense.

    I'm going to use a Nib Pen and an Inkwell after Sketching on (8 1/2 X...
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