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Translations: Bleach 597 by BadKarma


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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 597 Discussion / 598 Predictions

    It is a tricky situation since if she thinks about it fully, Bach isn't going to attack them as long as he has that shield, if she were to kill W then Bach could use that opening to attack, so the...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 597 Discussion / 598 Predictions

    Well technically no, Mayuri was aware that yamamoto sparred "his" life, "his" being Bach, so if Mayuri knows that then Shutura would know as well because Shutura is as much of a troll to Mayuri as...
  3. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 61 Spoiler Discussion Thread

    The comment on brainwashing was interesting, at least things tie in a bit, they couldn't brainwash about Eren's ability cause they needed to use him, which became more apparent with the three other...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 596 Spoiler Discussion

    Nah if this is true could just hint at Kensei still having his personality, cause he went through all of the trouble of having Msahiro train him in order to be able to utilize his bankai only to be...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 595 Spoiler Discussion

    Yea I think the point made is that when Hisagi continued to attack Byakuya he was lieterally knocked out but still with the intent to fight Byakuya.

    With this kind of determination the risk of...
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    Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Berserk 336 Discussion/ 337 Prediction

    The ends justifies the means is how Griffith has always acted but he is also human.

    I do think the concept of evil is that pure evil shows no care towards the wrong they have done.

    When he was...
  7. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Liar Game Chapter 185 Discussion/186 Prediction

    The first attack dictates the personality of the attackers, from that point the real battle begins.

    Nao's move to use all her moves showed that she isn't thinking who will and will not attack but...
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    [Discussion] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 349 Discussion/ 350 Predictions

    He should look into yoga, lower back pain really is a bothersome thing to deal with especially when drawing for long hours. It's no wonder he's gone on break recently given his age and the lower back...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 594 Discussion / Predictions

    Mayuri is going to be evil about it. It's for Seretei maybe the hint that more enemies will appear is not just from the stern ritters side but Mayuri himself.

    I do feel like it's possible that...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 594 Discussion / Predictions

    Well I think one way to look at Byakuya's ability is he's on par with kenpachi before his shikai training. Since recall Kenpachi took down 3 SR as well before facing off against Bach and now Byakuya...
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    [Fun] Re: Hunter x Hunter Hangout Thread [02]

    Well, have to remember that Kurapika's skills can only kill spiders and if he uses it to kill anyone else he will die. So it's quite possible that there could be a scenario where an ex troupe member...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 593 Spoiler Discussion

    Nah, gotta think how dreams work, they progress rather fast, you could have a dream about something that feels like hours, and then you realize only 10 mins have passed.

    If you use that logic then...
  13. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Liar Game Chapter 184 Discussion/185 Prediction - Break next week -Returns 28th of August

    I think the loophole she might be looking for is if 4 bosses are chosen let's say Akiyama, Nao, Afro and pineapple. She would just need to convince the bosses not to attack, if no actions are made,...
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    Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Berserk 336 Discussion/ 337 Prediction

    This is exactly what Miura wants us to do. We are unwilling to accept that Griffith could indeed be fighting for just because of what he did with his original Band of Hawks. But it's like that saying...
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    Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Berserk 336 Spoiler Thread

    Honestly it is a thin line that is being crossed atm.

    I think Miura purposely had the scene where Griffith had his way with Caska because he wanted to add in such an unforgivable act that no...
  16. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Shingeki No Kyojin Chapter 60 Spoiler Discussion

    It's possible that this could tie into why her parents were killed, while we see that the motives were for human trafficking, it's possible that there were people pulling the strings from who Eren...
  17. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 349 Discussion/ 350 Predictions

    Something just struck me, did Cheadle eavesdrop on Kurapika's convo? She is the "dog" of the group so heightened sense of hearing isn't to far-fetched, it feels like she might of wanted to say...
  18. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 349 Discussion/ 350 Predictions

    I wonder if Pariston has a similar ability to Kurapika in the vain of having to keepa secret. There is something about the way Kurapika put it that came off a bit odd, Saiyu kinda came off as...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 592 Discussion / 593 Predictions

    What we saw out of Hitsugaya is the result of his training when he lost his bankai, it's a rather cruel irony that the power he gained from training to protect Seretei is now being used against his...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 591 Discussion / 592 Predictions

    Has it been pointed out that there seems to be this defined difference between Giselle's zombification, while the "fodder shinigami" don't have a chance in their skin color both Bambietta and...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 591 Spoiler Discussion

    Even if he didn't die it was already known that she can control shinigami even if they aren't "dead" yet. In essence one could say shinigami are already dead which is why she/he is capable of turning...
  22. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 348 Discussion/ 349 Predictions

    And honestly I think it fits the story well for Gon to be out of the picture for a bit. Think about it, he's been through a lot even since he became a hunter and nearly lost his life all to seek...
  23. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 348 Discussion/ 349 Predictions

    What makes that first brother even more viscous are his targets, it's not just killing women that he seeks but those with potential in life, he doesn't want the cliche ditsy party girl that only...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 590 Discussion/591 Predictions

    That's an interesting point and this just came to mind. We assume that arrancars are like humans but it's possible that since they are the product of a compilation of hollows that they can possibly...
  25. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 348 Discussion/ 349 Predictions

    Nah they still haven't revealed everything to one another it's what the cow is doing atm, if you look at the two images provided in the chpt based on groups it shows who knows what.

    Which would be...
  26. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 347 Discussion/ 348 Predictions

    Nah he's building up the Ging/Pariston battle of the minds to much just to have him die, unless by "death" he actually just messes with everyone and feigns it just to see the chaos brought up by it,...
  27. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 59 Discussion / 60 Predictions

    Nah the reason they kept bringing it up was to state how the technology being made was basically made to keep humans in line, that those guns would be useless against titans, but while the 3D gear is...
  28. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 347 Spoilers

    Ging might have the ability to copy others abilities but it's not as simple as it sounds.

    From his explanation it appears that in lerio's case it is a basic ability to mimic as long as he...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 588 Discussion / 589 Predictions

    There we go, that's why he would go in first, it would be reckless for all of them to fight at once if they don't know the true power of their foes. At least in this sense kirinji is kinda like a...
  30. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Liar Game Chapter 180 Discussion/181 Prediction

    In this chapter the only thing I can consider is if Akiyama can vote for himself or if he somehow does obtain a 2nd person if no one else will outbid him. Then it would come down to two groups being...
  31. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 346 Discussion/347 Predictions

    From the reactions and comments Saiyuu seems like the obvious mole, his non-challant comments and seeming eager to be the one to keep an eye on Beyond makes him rather suspicous since he doesn't...
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    Sticky: [Hangout] Re: Berserk General Discussion Thread

    Berserk as a manga evolved over time to what that mangaka saw it as. At first it was nothing more than a story, a dark fantasy, with dark setting, dark ideals, and unforgiving aspects of human...
  33. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 345 Discussion/ 346 Predictions

    This is a funny thought, I wonder how Pariston would react to the "Prince" killing people with potential, when you consider Pariston is a man who seeks joy in pushing buttons and seeing how close to...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 586 Discussion / 587 Predictions

    I'm certain he would of shown if Bach took more people, Bach seems rather confident in his own abilities to take as little as he did since ye have to recall that Bach now has the power of countless...
  35. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 345 Discussion/ 346 Predictions

    Putting it like that, man how dark, he snuffs away life with potential, so if he saw a genius, working hard and making a name for themselves, he'd want to eliminate them from the world and be...
  36. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 344 Discussion/ 345 Predictions

    I"m actually surprised by that only because I figured there would of been at least a smidge of notifcation/realization from his father over Gon's lost nen. That's the weird thing in that while it...
  37. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 343 Discussion/ 344 Predictions

    Am gonna play around with this thought, based on what we've seen Ging do so far I think the obvious can be stated.

    His main focus is his "Enhancer" trait aka inhumane straight and capabilities,...
  38. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 343 Discussion/ 344 Predictions

    Looking back at chapter 9, what happened was Leorio was the one who suggest him kurapica and the otherguy run off in different directions but then proceeded to engage Hisoka one on one. The opponents...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 584 Discussion / 585 Predictions

    It is funny when you consider the shinigami around him Renji and Rukia killed their foes in cold blood, well in ashes and in cold blood. That even at this point Ichigo still wants to be a boy scout...
  40. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 584 Discussion / 585 Predictions

    It's because Bach is only putting on a show, he never truly wanted a "war" to decimate his foes, all he wanted was a means to regain his power and strength, and the best way to do that was with a ...
  41. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter 343 Spoiler Thread

    I can understand Leorio's reasoning behind going to the Dark Continent, a Continent where the challenge seems to be about surviving the harsh nature and diseases's that come across it, it's the...
  42. Replies

    Sticky: Poll: [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 58 Discussion

    I was wondering this myself but it makes sense if you consider that Armin pulled out a gun, if Armin pulled out a gun and shot it, the sound of the bang is going to shock/scare the horses and they...
  43. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 342 Discussion/ 343 Predictions

    Not really, this was planned way before Toriko did his "gourmet world" which I believe was only fully introduced this year. Meanwhile with hiatus and such HXH had been planning to go the the Dark...
  44. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 583 Discussion / 584 Predictions

    Ya I would almost say that the common theme between the Stern Ritters is they all havea form of despair/loneliness. If you look at Mask's power he pretty much had an imaginary friend and one that...
  45. Replies

    Re: Eren's murderous tendencies

    The case of Eren though is he is reckless but also heroic, the truth is, if he was just a normal person his story would've ended long ago because his personality and how he acted during the first...
  46. [Chapter] Re: Hunter x Hunter Chapter 342 Spoilers

    It's possible that Ging is aware how Pariston would side with Beyond especially since he pretty much stepped down from the election once he won and his only objective was to prove he could win, to...
  47. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 57 Discussion / 58 Prediction

    Considering what happened at the end of last chapter I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot of bloodshed coming this chapter.
  48. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 582 Discussion / 583 Predictions

    It's more like the mentality of Ukitake and Shunsui they didn't use their Bankai's in FKT during the war because it's just not smart to show all your cards out the front door. Once you show all that...
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    [Discussion] Re: Things Yet To Be resolved

    I'll throw some guesses

    Grimmjow=He'll most likely appear when Urahara appears, it's possible they were still cleaning up the stern ritter mess in HM and attempting to regain control of HM
  50. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 581 Spoiler Discussion

    Ichigo's arrival isn't actually a godsend for the shinigami, even though it might appear that Kubo might of had him arrive to early, the reality is there is still Uryu to deal with and once Ichigo...
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