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    Sticky: [Typesetting] Re: Do you recognise these two fonts?

    Looks like Stencil Std and Times New Roman, to me. I'm pretty sure both are Windows system fonts.

    Also, keeping consistency between different groups isn't really important. If you see some fonts...
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    [Misc Attempt] Re: tank raws with bad greys

    Evidently, the scanner didn't turn off unsharp mask when he scanned it. Thus, the entire scan was basically ruined. The half-tones are only part of the problem. The page is overall too sharp. There's...
  3. [Done] Amaenaideyo 6 - Uhhh... what does this mean?

    Alright, for starters, here's the page:

    See that text in the third panel? What on earth does that mean in relation to the two panels before...
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