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    [Discussion] Vinland saga true warrior?

    I kinda have a clue to what a true warrior is but I don't know how to put it in words yet. Can somebody try to help me
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    [Discussion] Re: Who is more important to Gon? Kite or Ging?

    Does anyone think Gon's transformation/anger over Kites death was a bit odd ? I don't know if its just me but imo he didn't know Kite enough or long enough to react that way. I know he told him about...
  3. [Fun] Re: If you could interview Togashi...What would you ask?

    I would ask him how did you actually intend for YuYu Hakusho to turn out ? We know you wanted to make it more psychological ( Like HxH ) but your editors didn't let you.
  4. [Discussion] Re: Which characters in HUNTER x HUNTER would you like to have a flashback

    I know this is kinda obvious but I would love to see beyond netero's flashback.
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    [Fun] Re: Favourite Hunter x Hunter Quotes

    I dont know if you can really classify this as a quote but this is one of my favorites.
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