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  1. Poll: Re: Audrey vs. Miria

    Miria all the way!! Audrey's got nothing on this Phantom!


    Voting/Poll Results:

    Total Votes: 23
    Audrey: 1 vote = 4.35%
    Miria: 22...
  2. Replies

    Sticky: [Travel] Re: Which COUNTRY that you LOVE to go and WHY??

    Japan, Japan, Japan!!! Definitely going there some day... love everything about it...
    Also, not a country but, I really want to go to California. I've been there before, but never on my own so I...
  3. [Other] Re: If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?

    Pyrokenesis... always had a fascination with fire in anime/manga... just want to hold a ball of flames in my hand before launching at my enemies...
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    Re: Psyren 125 Discussion / 126 Prediction

    I don't think Psyren is going to end soon, unless the rankings force it too (like previously stated).

    I think after this big battle, the crew will head back to the past and maybe the next arc...
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