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  1. [Discussion] Re: Popularity Problems: What is wrong with Yu Kanda?

    Yeah that one

    @Bassment <3 you have good taste
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    [Question] Re: Why did you choose your avatar?

    Gintoki's sugar obsession and deadpan humor slays me. Reminds me of myself.
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    [Shounen] Re: Hunter x Hunter

    The first review...well it's kinda a mess. Personally I love Hunter X Hunter, though the art does get sketchy, Yoshihiro Togashi is reported very ill during this time. He's an old man and things like...
  4. [Discussion] Re: Popularity Problems: What is wrong with Yu Kanda?

    I love Yu and Vegeta. My roomie is also a Vegata fan (with matching personality traits). There's nothing wrong with him, but I think you'd be a bit weary of close ties when you're not exactly alive...
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