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    [Theory] Re: Phantom Troupe = Jesus + Apostles

    Spiders have 6 to 8 maybe its possible there's 1 that has 12 legs.

    Yes they do have similarities making Hisoka the judas, the reason why I think there's more to Ryodan in terms of Purpose and...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Best Arc in Manga (Upto Now)

    Yorknew. Has mysticism to it. Gave me the chills just waiting for the next episode. Specially the fights, O man the fights! they werent really long. But it's the kinda short stuff you wanna lick...
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    [Discussion] Re: Final Villian In HxH

    I disagree with that logic. When you stated not much of a challenge, Everyone even older version Gon to Ging has no way of beating meryem, period(in terms of pure POWER, WTH make it everything!)....
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    Re: I have two questions about Nen/Ren

    Enhancement in my opinion is when you focus your nen energy to your natural abilities(atleast thats what I understood from manga).
    I guess its like this:

    your nen power level = 1000
    you have...
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    [Battle] Re: Kurapika vs. Royal Guards

    Why? you don't think it's possible?

    When you said kurapika is a ton weaker against non ryodans. You should be specific about it, or else I for one would think that you don't see kurapika any...
  6. [Question] Re: How did Kurapika tank Uvogin's Big Bang Impact?

    I didn't read every post. To answer why kurapika did not use zetsu because he wanted to see how strong Uvon really is, bear in mind his got 12 other members to deal with. In addition he did not take...
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    [Discussion] Re: Final Villian In HxH

    It could either be kuroro with or without his ryodan, and Zaoldyeck(but i think this one would be more of an arc, when gon and killua would be either forced to be pitted on each other or try to...
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    [Battle] Re: Kurapika vs. Royal Guards

    By potential you mean utility i guess... Emperor time is as it is, gives kurapika 100% the use of all nen types. To clear things out it cannot give him mastery over a certain nen type, what it does...
  9. [Battle] Re: Ging Freecss vs Silva Zoldyck vs Chrollo Lucilfer

    Quite right phantron. I must add the weapon is of special make, Silva confessed he was surprised how he was cut(thinking the knife must have been made by expert means)and proving that Silva is truly...
  10. [Battle] Re: Ging Freecss vs Silva Zoldyck vs Chrollo Lucilfer

    I don't think kuroro can match them yet. During their battle(kuroro,Silva) kuroro was forced to use a specialized knife, meaning kuroro can not damage Silva in anyway without his nen(physical...
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