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    Sticky: Poll: [Question] Before Tobi/Obito enters the battle

    Before Tobi enters the battle he would say "First I'm going to steal the substitute".
    What does he actually mean here ? Is he talking about controlling the Gedo Statue or what is the explanation...
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    Sticky: Poll: [Question] Question when Naurto gets Kubbi Chakra

    In a battle between Naurto and Kubbi where Naurto tries to get Kubbi chakra with the help of his mother, Nautro succeeds in trapping Kubbi chakra but the Kubbi will be much stronger and infuriated to...
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    [Question] What happens to Kabuto now ?

    After his battle with the uchia brothers, he is trapped in an endless time loop. Now Orochimaro has taken back his chakra as well. Kabuto has returned to his human form, what role or importance his...
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    Sticky: Poll: [Question] How did Nagato get Rinnegan ?

    During the 3rd shinobi war, the 3 Sanin would find the orphans including Nagato. Jiraya would notice that Nagato has Rinnegan. But when Tobi fights with Konan, he would explain that he merely is...
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