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    [Assorted] Re: Mecha/Gundam Completion Project

    *bumpity bump bump*

    Positions/Roles updated: Now looking for more refined skill sets to add to the project's quality now that the basic positions are filled.
  2. Re: I call shenanigans! Why you ask? Why not I say...

    Hi Sally, and to kick off the list.

    Genre: This is a coin-toss though I guess it would all fall into science fiction, mecha or a good action sci fi fits me really well. Though I have been known to...
  3. I call shenanigans! Why you ask? Why not I say...

    Hi. I'm Ald... I guess I'm supposed to say some random stuff now about why I'm here.

    I guess you could say I found this site and forum one day after a bit of rage after hitting the last page of an...
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    [Assorted] Mecha/Gundam Completion Project

    Hello, after many years of waiting, I've gotten tired of several projects not getting done, or not being picked up. So I'm forming a group to: A. Finish the ones that haven't been updated/touched in...
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