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  1. [Discussion] Nurarihyon no Mago: Hyakki Ryouran Taisen (PS3/360)

    I didn't see anyone talking about this so I thought I'd make a topic about it. Nurarihyon no Mago: Hyakki Ryouran Taisen is a 4 player fighting game developed by Arc System Works, the talented team...
  2. [Theory] Re: Theories on Nurarihyon's Abilities

    Thanks a lot for reading through all of it. I realize the wall of text may deter some people from reading it all, so I appreciate you sticking through to the end. :)

    By "Reverse Matoi", I mean...
  3. [Theory] Theories on Nurarihyon's Abilities

    There was a topic on another message board discussing the nature of Nurarihyon's Fear and it was intended to facilitate an exchange of theories about what abilities we can expect to see in the...
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    [Discussion] Re: Nurarihyon no Mago Light Novels

    Thank you so much for the translations Pika318 and Lynxian! I'll definitely give them a read through and post comments!
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    Re: The Youkai Thread

    Thanks a lot for all of the information Sama_al_Azraq. Your posts about this manga have made me check this message board much more frequently!
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    [Discussion] Re: Shiibashi's comment

    Thanks a lot for posting all of these!

    Does anyone have a link to Shiibashi's twitter on hand? I did a search for it and couldn't find it. It's not the Nura Gumi account right? I would think he'd...
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    [Chapter] Re: Naruto 497 Discussion / 498 Predictions

    Anyone know what they kanji used for Gargantuan Rasengan was? I want to find what it's actually called so we can confirm whether it was Chou Oodama or a new variant.
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