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  1. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 761 Discussion/ 762 Prediction

    Well, that Corazon dude really looks like Ledger's Joker (that's a nice touch) but based on mangapanda translation I cannot discuss nor predict anything yet. Seriously, there is something...
  2. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 760 Discussion/ 761 Prediction

    Dude, did you even read One Piece? EDIT: Not sure if sarcastic or English as second language.

    I mean, in the past (we don't even know the RedHair pirates' power level at the time) Shanks have...
  3. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 758 Discussion/ 759 Prediction

    I predict serious injuries for Luffy at some point of this fight... rubber vs strings is a dangerous combo. Maybe he even loses an arm o something like that, but it's OK since Law can fix him.
  4. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 758 Discussion/ 759 Prediction

    I guess Luffy is crazy enough to stuck to Trebol intentionally and then use him as armor... but I agree: Law already lost to Doflamingo and Luffy is the one always faces the main antagonist. Can't...
  5. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 757 Discussion/ 758 Prediction

    I have the feeling that Fujitora is actually waiting for Luffy's crew to crush another Shikibukai.
  6. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 756 Discussion/ 757 Prediction

    I think that Shiki's solution was pretty awesome: let him use a freaking sword! xD
  7. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 755 Discussion/ 756 Prediction

    I think the hard boiled fight was actually quite funny and unexpected but, yes, it took too many pages.

    For my prediction, I'm guessing that Tontatta army is the ace up Doflamingo's sleeve......
  8. Re: Why all female characters have the same backstory?

    Let me pick my popcorn... Oh, wait, virtually no women in this forum
  9. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 752 Spoiler Discussion

    Maybe it's a curve-ball... and actually the kid is Corazón.
  10. Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece Chapter 750 Discussion/ 751 Prediction

    To me this was a boring chapter overall (and the lack of response in the forums seems to confirm that). Nevertheless, it is interesting to see the power balance between the various players in the One...
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    [Theory] Re: Crazy Theories and Predictions

    OK, then... Shogeking lies will be able to cut even trough Doflamingo's strings.
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    [Theory] Re: Crazy Theories and Predictions

    Sogeking will be able to use both Observation Haki and Armament Haki by the end of the current arc (Dressrosa). Hell, he will cut all Doflamingo's Birdcage strings with a single shoot justifying his...
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    [Discussion] Re: Marines Role on Dressrosa

    I believe that Fujitora really want to protect the people. And maybe Doflamingo will be smart enough not to target the Admiral hopping that Fujitora decides to attack the StrawHat pirates in order to...
  14. Sticky: Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 744 Discussion / 745 Prediction BREAK NEXT WEEK

    My prediction is that the Bird Cage is related with the magic trick; google it. I believe that Dofla' will try to collapse the entire building in order to prevent any further damage, even if this...
  15. Sticky: Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 744 Spoiler Discussion

    I'm hopping the spoiler comes from the first pages because I really want to see more of Sabo's abilities (normal abilities, not related to some Akuma no Mi). Correct me if I'm wrong but he seem to be...
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    Sticky: Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 743 Spoiler Discussion

    Even when the previous spoilers may be fake, I must say they fit perfectly with the current arc development and with the known chapter tittle, since all toys turning back into humans will define...
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    Re: Unpopular "One Piece" Opinions

    Jimbei is already confirmed to be the next nakama, thus soft-core fans should stop nominating any random character
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    Sticky: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 735 Spoiler Discussion

    Amazing chapter! Doflamingo will not know what hit him.
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    [Theory] Re: [Featured] Crazy Theories and Predictions

    Luffy may also be able to eat two Devil Fruits... although I'm wishing that Sabo keeps Ace's logia.
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 721 Spoiler Discussion

    So, in the end, Luffy is as much a revolutionary as his old man? Nice.
  21. Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 717 Discussion/ 718 Prediction No Chapter this week

    Guys, I was thinking... How is that the humans were selected to become toys? I don't have any clue about that.

    On the other hand (and I'm only guessing here), I believe that the reason why the...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: What "creature" is Kaido?

    I hope he ends up being some sort of super-strong human who turns at will into a Kaiju. The battle against Luffy with his gear third would be awesome!
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 711 Discussion/ 712 Predictions- NO CHAPTER NEXT WEEK

    Overall it was a great chapter because there was so much info', so much to digest instead of just the typical cliffhanger.

    I really like the idea of Doflamingo announcing he quit its War Lord...
  24. [Chapter] Re: The Breaker : New Waves 119 Spoiler Thread * ( ON HIATUS ) *

    :smile-big Good one, sir!
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    [Seinen] Re: Shamo by Tanaka Akio

    Uff, I haven't read a new chapter of Shamo since five or six years ago. I actually believed that its production was stop, instead of continue in another magazine. (Maybe it was some misinformation...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 710 Spoiler Discussion

    Shanks being after Mera Mera no Mi could be a major twist for this arc, because so far he has been always "a good guy" but this would be the first time he actually is going against our protagonists....
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 698 Discussion / 699 Predictions

    Man, I feel you... that Buggy is a die-hard character. :derp

    Also, while waiting for a better translation. It seems that Doflamingo has already decided not to abandon its position as warlord since...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 696 Discussion / 697 Predictions

    Good chapter overall. It provide closure and a hint of what's coming. Now, I'm wondering what will do Donquixote when he arrives to Punk Hazard... since not only its enemies are all OK after tasting...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 687 Discussion / 688 Prediction

    As anything else in One Piece, the devil it's in the details:

    That little cut that Zoro did from the distance to Monet's face was real damage (apparently permanent since stays there until the last...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 687 Discussion / 688 Prediction

    It's easier than you think:
    1. In order to avoid damage, all Logia users have to change into his elemental form (except Blackbeard). So, if you can't make the change you'll get hurt.
    2. Monet was...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 687 Discussion / 688 Prediction

    Since this week's chapter focuses in a single battle It's natural that the discussion revolves around Zoro's attack so, please, don't get mad because of this... after all, we are nakamas =)

    In my...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 686 Discussion / 687 Prediction

    I thought she was talking about that Zoro might not have been attacking her because she was a woman.[/QUOTE]

    I'm on so_amazing's side in this one... because we have Luffy's confirmation that Sanji...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 684 Discussion / 685 Prediction

    I truly believe that he is his right hand, probably his best fighter. I don't think anyone would send some small-fry to deal with this kinds of situations.
  34. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 684 Discussion / 685 Prediction

    Way off-topic here (maybe) but after reading the Mangarule version now I wonder if "a gentlemen never tell" or "a gentlemen has no memory" is the main reason behind Vergo's apparent stupidity. If...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 683 Discussion / 684 Prediction

    About the battle between Smoker and Vergo, I'm thinking will be a tight match. These are my reasons:

    1. The Royal Shichibukai seem to be way stronger than the average Vice-Admiral. So, Vergo...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 681 Discussion / 682 Predictions

    What if "SAD" means something like "special addictive drugs"... the kind of drugs that Master has been given to the children in order to create powerful giants and such. That place would be like a...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 681 Discussion / 682 Predictions

    So many questions: Why was Jimbei taking Caribou to G5? WTH is inside that room? Monet is a DF user, model Ikarus? SAD = Development of Super Akuma no Mi? xD
  38. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 680 Discussion / 681 Predictions

    I believe that Tashigi may have been promoted together with Smoker just because she is part of "his crew", but they are other skills to consider besides strength; for instance, Sengoku was the Fleet...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 676 Discussion/ 677 Prediction ~ One Piece is on break this week ~

    Weird prediction: the samurai will eat the fruit to prevent this massive destruction weapon fails in wrong hands, dying with honor as a war hero.
  40. [Discussion] Re: What determines how a DF is formed or dissappears?

    I'm just guessing here (obviously) but I think that Marco refers to Teachs's body being different due to the nature of its Akuma no Mi, so probably Blackbeard will be the only DF user in the One...
  41. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 674 Discussion / 675 Prediction

    OK, maybe is just too soon to watch Jimbei getting involve in this fight but you guys have to agree that he seem to be a way too convenient new crew member under these conditions.

    Anyhow, can...
  42. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 674 Discussion / 675 Prediction

    OK, now I have read the 10 pages I'm making some predictions:

    - Zoro will fight against Vergo, since he is strong enough (physically) to resist the gravitational field.

    - The guy with the wine...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 672 Discussion/ 673 Prediction

    I think it's very clear that this arc is revolving around the upcoming battle against Big Mom, the allies of Caesar Crown and the past of Trafalgar Law... and yet, I cannot stop thinking the Gorosei,...
  44. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 668 Discussion/ 669 Prediction

    Now it's been confirmed all in the monster trio are able to use Haki I think eventually the three will learn to use every type of Haki, at least at some degree. But right now, I think Zoro is only...
  45. Replies

    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Which Yonkou does Law want to take down?

    I'm think will be Big Mom... all the reasons that dismiss Shanks and Blackbeard sound pretty valid and one could remember that One Piece progress slowly, so jump from the start to Kaido's crew seems...
  46. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 663 Discussion / 664 Prediction

    That's interesting... and probably true since Law says there were things to do before charging to the second half of the Grand Line. I'm guessing he achieve the Royal Shichibukai title shortly after...
  47. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 663 Discussion / 664 Prediction

    Overall this was a great chapter with many plot twist confirmed and many other added. Let's see:

    Trafalgar Law's abilities (MES/Scalpel) allow him to remove the heart without killing so, to me he...
  48. Replies

    Poll: [Chapter] Re: One Piece 662 Discussion / 663 Prediction

    I think removing the heart also means that you loose your Akuma no Mi abilities. And who knows, maybe those who carry "the will of D" have a special heart (or even two) which as weird as it sound...
  49. [Discussion] Re: What is Your favorite Devil's Fruit in the series so far and why?

    I'm still thinking Goro Goro no Mi was a pretty cool Akuma no mi... to generate thunders, travel at lightning fast speed, be able to live in the moon. Simply awesome.
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    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 572 Spoiler Discussion

    I haven't seen any Spanish translation yet:

    Título: "Los tiempos están por cambiar"

    El recién liberado Ace y su hermano están arrasando con los marines.

    Aunque Shirohige y su tripulación...
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