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  1. [Seinen] Re: [New] La Croisade des Innocents by Furuya Usamaru

    I liked the mangaka's other works... this seems interesting~
  2. [Shoujo] Re: [Shojo] Akagami no Shirayukihime by Akizuki Sorata

    The wait was torture =_=

    But ah well, it's June now, so the wait is lesser. Hooray!
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    [Hangout] Re: Ao no Exorcist by Katou Kazue

    I wish the latest 2 chapters get translated soon. They lok awesome~

    I'm in love with that cover *_*
  4. [Shounen] Re: Bloody Monday season 2: Pandora's Box by RYUUMON Ryou and MEGUMI Kouji

    The first season is a top favorite. Naturally, I would love the second season as well.

    And it's still so damn awesome. Keeps on surprising me.

    Damn cliffhanger on chapter 4. It's driving me...
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    [Shounen] Re: Shaman King FLOWERS By Takei Hiroyuki

    Does Anna show up in this series? She's the Shaman King character that matters to me the most . . . hehe
  6. [Shounen] Re: Zetsuen no Tempest by SHIRODAIRA Kyou and SAIZAKI Ren

    The first chapter has already been amazing and it gets even better until the latest one! (which is chapter 3. I wish it gets scanlated or translated at least soon. So odd that the japanese raw isn't...
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    Sticky: [Request] Re: Member Status Change Request

    Scanlator status please.

    Thank you :D

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    [Shoujo] Re: Gakuen Babysitters

    Ah, you already know my thoughts on it~ But it is indeed very cute~
  9. Re: [New Series] Burning Hell by Youn In-Wan & Yang Kyung-II

    I wish the next chapter would show what the hell happened in their battle already.

    I don't think the doctor is dead, but it's hard to imagine him working together with the japanese guy either. haha
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    Re: Pinoy Hang-out Thread v. 15

    I only post when I remember o_o

    sorry kung nalilimutan ko magtambay dito . . .maski bago lang ako. eheheh . . .
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    Re: Pinoy Hang-out Thread v. 15

    Kainis ang baha . . . . pwede pa magkasakit dahil dun . . .

    May masama ba dun? O_O;;; . . . pero kung takot ka sa crazy fans na walang ibang iniisip except for going squee on this series . . ....
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    Re: Pinoy Hang-out Thread v. 15

    Thanks sa mga welcome~ Sensya kung hindi ako masyado makakarelate . . . tinatamad ako basahin mga previous pages x_x Dami . . .

    1. Hetalia and Baccano! . . . I love them both sobra~ can't...
  13. [Favorites] Re: What are your favorite kiss scenes in manga and anime?

    I prefer hugs more than kisses so none have really been that memorable to me o_O (but the Sasuke and Naruto kiss cracked me up the most . . . that one's memorable in a humorous way I guess xD...
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    Re: Pinoy Hang-out Thread v. 15


    *ngayon lang napansin na may pinoy thread*

    h-hello . . . . ?
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    [Discussion] Re: What is TRULY the funniest manga?

    those that have been mentioned that I'm familiar with that I also find funny: beelzebub, sayonara zetsubou sensei, saint young men, gto, slamdunk, fma, naruto, gintama, dmc, ouran, lucky star, k-on ....
  16. [Shounen] Re: [NEWCOMER] Zetsuen no Tempest by SHIRODAIRA Kyou and SAIZAKI Ren

    I'm a sucker for awesome shounen fantasy manga with an interesting story and a great cast! I totally love this one! And the art is so amazing~ (Not to mention it has butterflies! Wheee~ *loves...
  17. [Shoujo] Re: [Shoujou] Akagami no Shirayukihime

    It's my numero uno favorite manga. Best shoujo manga, imho. I love it so much *_*

    Zen . . . squeee xD

    Shirayuki . . . one of the extremely few leading ladies in manga that I admire.
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