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    Re: JP > EN TL Checker needed

    First chapter TLed, Redrawn and TS... Waiting for TL Checker to check and make sure is good... could use someones time for 30 mins...
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    JP > EN TL Checker needed

    Hello, Names Zook. I recently moved to Japan and am practicing my Japanese with TLing manga but because I am new I would like to have a couple TLers willing to check my work at their leisure. ...
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    Need TL, where do I post?

    I'm looking for a TL to pick up a dropped project, but not sure how to go about posting here correctly or finding a TL in a different place.

    I have cleaned raws, ready to be TSed! :)
  4. [Miscellaneous] Re: Advance Lvl editor looking to help with doubles redraw

    you want help with one redraw in particular or the entire thing?
  5. [Miscellaneous] Advance Lvl editor looking to help with doubles redraw

    Hey guys, I have some free time on my hands and am willing to put my skills at your disposal for redraws of doubles. No SFX removal please that is retarded and any group that does it is blaaa.
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