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  1. Poll: [Shounen] Re: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu by Tanigawa Nagaru, Tsugano Gaku & Itou Noizi

    I love Tsuruya-san. She is my favorite girl out of them all man i wish i had a paypal and ebay account man check this out,This guy from japan is selling. tsuruya-san nendoroid for $1
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    [Discussion] Re: What is the best way to learn Japanese ?

    To be honest there is not easy way to learn japanese but the best way is to learn japanese is probley watch lot of anime and try to pick it up from there.

    if you have any question give me a pm.
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    Sticky: [Language] Re: What Languages do you know?

    i can speak and write japanse and english ??

    i am native japanese
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    [Question] Re: Why did you choose your avatar?

    it probably to show who you are and it really reflects what you like.
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