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  1. Kagerou Scans recruiting all positions for BL and shoujo/shounen/seinen/josei projects!

    Howdy! Do you like BL? Do you HATE BL but like various other demographics? Well, have we got the job for you! Become a grand staff member at the group that promises to scanlate all the things by at...
  2. [Assorted] Re: Easy Going Scans is in need of editors, proofers, and Korean translators

    Since it's been a month, howsabout a bump, then, eh, lov?

    As you can see, EGS is currently in dire need of proofreaders--!!
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    [Question] Re: Question about the site favicon

    Ahh! Now I see it. I think I was assuming it was someone from a manga so I didn't make the connection;;

    Thanks for clearing it up ₍₍(ง ˙ ω ˙) ว
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    [Question] Question about the site favicon

    Good day!

    This question is really stupid but it's been driving me nuts for years. Just what character is this site's favicon? I can't make it out besides someone with a red outfit, and I also...
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    Re: The MadHatterRyu thread

    Haha, I know you've got some jobs now but I've got a super long list of dropped projects and groups that need help. :9

    Though there really isn't any central database for dropped or stalled...
  6. [Assorted] Re: Easy Going Scans is in need of Korean translators, editors, and proofers

    Some positions have been filled and others are now in need of help, so I've updated the OP to reflect that. For those who have applied, thank you very much (❁´◡`❁)
  7. [Assorted] Easy Going Scans is in need of editors, proofers, and Korean translators

    I thought I'd put this here since I've been a bit behind:
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