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  1. [Complete] Re: Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest (OOKAMI NO MONSHOU) by Tabata Yoshiaki

    Woah, I didn't know the 12 volume would be the last one :(!! Although the story gets over the top many times, and the raping scene was never ending, i still like this manga and the concept of it. I...
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    [Discussion] Re: A romance with bully-type lover?!

    To be honest I like when in the story either the boy or the girl does the teasing. If it gets out of hand that it becomes a bit too much, but in general i like it. Hana yori dango was one of my first...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Why do you read shoujo/josei series?

    To be honest I stopped reading that many shoujo manga, as I got to the point where the cliches were a bit too much. However I still like jousei. Maybe it's just a matter that I can't really relate to...
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    [Ongoing] Re: [Josei] Chihayafuru by SUETSUGU Yuki

    i so LOVE this series!! I find it a very original story, and to be honest since I've been researching a bit waka poems, this manga makes them look interesting under a different point of view. Can't...
  5. Thread: Hi there :)

    by Nodamechi

    Hi there :)

    Hi there everyone, my name is Alex and I've been studying japanese for the past two years :)
    I kind of found this forum by chance really and since I really love manga, though I'm struggling trying...
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