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  1. [Society] Re: Facebook privacy issues....Do you feel like "Big Brother" is watching you?

    That's why people should exercise restraint when posting things online. Personally, I don't write anything other than my nickname (not my full name) and a two or three books or movies I like. I...
  2. Re: A new member... and one that contributes!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I don't really, as my Korean is not nearly good enough. I do watch some historical drama sometimes, as you don't always need to know what they're saying (mostly lots of...
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    [Discussion] Re: How to do Chinese Translations

    IMHO, the best website for looking up characters and phrases is nciku. They have a lot of common expressions and interjections. Also, you can use your mouse to write characters. Sometimes it will...
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    Re: What are you currently listening to? - Part 2

    I don't even like this song... but it's so catchy. Damn you, Korean supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware stores, restaurants, uh... everywhere.

    I never asked for this...

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    [Fun Thread] Re: What is the signature above you thinking?

    Oh god, a UFO is beaming up my sparrows!
  6. A new member... and one that contributes!


    I found this place after going to a conference and hearing a bunch of research on otaku culture. I was a closet anime fan in high school but never let myself get into manga. ...
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