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  1. [Mag Talk] Re: Weekly Shonen Jump [2010] - Discussion and TOC Talk

    Excell Table with the Positions of the series(+Cover/CP) from #01/10-#35/10
    Feel free to use it.
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    Sticky: Re: FMA Volume Covers (latest: v26)

    Is 26 the final volume?
    If theres a volume 27, which chapters will be included??
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    [Mag Talk] Re: Weekly Shounen Jump [2009] - Discussion & TOC Talk v.3

    1.Inumaru Dashi and Beelzebub - yes, im a pedo-bear, buck naked babies are amazing
    3.Bleach,Reborn and Psyren - best stories ever, honestly

    the other WSJ-Series are crap imo
  4. Re: German Thread v.4

    Kann man Mangas nach der Anzahl der Favoriten ordnen?
    Finde nur die Tabelle mit Bewertungen.
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