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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Bleach 555 Discussion / 556 Predictions

    what if each 5 noble families is representing for 1 element out of five natrure elements (Thunder, Water, Wind, Fire & Earth)
    _Shihoin: Thunder -> Yoruichi
    _Shiba: Fire -> Kukaku (firework), Isshin...
  2. [Predictions] Re: Future match-ups that WILL happen in the war (POST YOUR predictions!)

    With a large number of enemies & many Cpts & Vcs still not show their full-power, there will be not 1vs1, maybe 2vs2, 3v2, or 3v3, or 3vs1
    maybe few ones will fight together
    Toshiro (Ice) &...
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    [Theory] Re: final arc

    Dragon: Ivan's Island
    Luffy: Alabasta, Amazon Lily, Weatheria (Nami), Fishman Island (Jinbe & Shirahoshi), Wanokuni (Kinemon), Torino Kingdom (Chopper), Drum Island (Chopper)...
    Shs have so many...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Naruto 632 Spoiler Discussion

    No, he killed White not Black. Choujuro defeated BZ
  5. Thread: Bankai's

    by kazekaze_yuki

    [Discussion] Re: Bankai's

    Not just G13, if u count Cpt & Vcs of Onmitsukido & Kido Corps, they could have bankai
    I think all Visored Vcs have bankai
    1.Their reiatsu is very strong before they became hollowfied
    2. They had...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Bleach 520 Discussion / 521 Predictions

    too surprised. I never expected Unohana was the first Kenpachi.
    So now Shunsui is new CC, & Nanao will be the Vc of 1st Div. I wonder who will charge of Captain & VC of 8th div
    I think Shunsui will...
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    [Discussion] Re: 6, 16 or 26?

    I dont think all of SR are captain-level. Maybe half of them are VC-level. Some VCs still not show their abilities such as Nanao, Nemu, Isane, Yachiru, Iba...and maybe former VCs who are retired...
  8. [Question] Re: Tsunade's role and Oonoki's future in the next 10 chapters.

    I wish Kabuto could revive her grandmother, Uzumaki Mito & she will fight her. I wonder how strong Mito was & could she was equal or nearly as Madara/Hashirama level?
  9. [Discussion] Re: Kabuto's army: who else should we see in the future?

    _Senju Toka: she was a close and trusted associate of Hashirama in the time before Konohagakure was founded. I wonder if she was stiil alive or dead. Hope she still alive and soon appear.
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Win/Loss records

    Team 8 & Kurenai's father encounter each other:
    Hinata: His eyes is same as Kurenai-sensei.
    Kurenai's father: You know Kurenai?
    Kiba: Yes. She is our teacher. What is she with you?
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    [Discussion] Re: Kushina's flashback: a hidden purpose

    Uzumaki clan: longevity & fuinjutsu
    Uchiha clan: Sharingan & Fire Technique
    Haruno clan: Because Sakura have talent about medical ninjutsu & genjutsu so I think her clan is very special about...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Win/Loss records

    I think Team 8: Hinata+Kiba+Shino will fight Kurenai's father. I bet Kabuto summoned him too. I wonder how T8 will react when they see their teacher's father.
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    [Discussion] Re: The new cover story ( ch 613+ )

    Robin - maybe Aokiji
  14. Re: Why didn't Kabuto summon Jiraiya with the rest of the "notable" ninjas?

    @ISrafel: agree with you. You think who are the ones to save & heal Jiraiya after his battle to Pain?
    It could be Rin. Until now we still not know what happened to her? Is she alive? Maybe or not. I...
  15. [Power Level] Re: Old Gotei 13 more powerful than New Gotei 13?

    Even old lieutenants are much stronger than current before they were hollowfied
    Lisa was strong enough to to take a Hollowfied captain-level combatant with only her sealed Zanpakutō.
    No current Lts...
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    Re: Bleach Masked ~ 2nd Databook

    that means Kukaku too. I wonder if Kukaku was Ukitake's VC 110 yrs ago. maybe some accidents happened she lost her right arm (maybe test fire her new firework) so she couldnt continue her position...
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    Sticky: Poll: [Jutsu] Re: Problem Regarding Edo Tensei

    6 not 5, Kakuzu too & the secret coffin.
  18. [Question] Re: Are Tsunade & Dan Minato's mother and father?

    First we dont know Tsu is daughter of Hashirama's son or daughter. Hash had chid but not knowing son or daughter
    Second: In the manga, it only says Tsu is granddaughter of 1st. not says she is on...
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    [Theory] Re: How and when did Hashirama die?

    We know Madara left Konoha & sometimes later he came back to destroy it but how long he went? maybe few years or 1-2 decades.
    I think its only few yrs. Hashirama was still alive until Sannin was...
  20. Poll: [Question] Who will be the one to defeat Kabuto? (original team 7)

    Kabuto is finally back to story & much stronger than before
    with new power & full-control Orochimaru's power, he revived 5 of Akatsuki (Sasori, Kakuzu, Deidara, Itachi & Nagato).
    Not only that,...
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    Poll: [Discussion] Re: Who took care of baby Naruto?

    I'm not sure about this but I think the one was taking care of Nar (0-4yrs) was Rin. She was 1 of 3 Minato's student & one of people closest to him. Kakashi knew Naruto is his sensei's son from the...
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    Sticky: [Info] Re: Order of Surnames and Given Names

    i think Order name is important. Its should follow orginal country not mine or another country. you read books or manga, how'd you know which Given/Sur name is if it has changed order?
    Not only...
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