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    [Theory] Re: Gyro and Meteor City

    That sounds just about right. I also agree that Kurapika is sooner or later going to go down the dark path, since he's so obsessed with revenge...but I don't know if Gyro is going to team up with...
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    [Theory] Re: The Residents of Meteor City Theory

    I think that's what Togashi was going for. Meteor city is so diverse, that it seems impossible for all of the Spider's different personalities to come from the same place - but, knowing Togashi,...
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    [Theory] Re: Gyro and Meteor City

    Oh, right. Stupid me. So, at least it means that perhaps there will be some sort of new technology he may use to fight? Cool.
    And, ya, Shal's probably gonna die soon ;-; As for Hisoka, I wouldn't...
  4. [Question] Re: How did the Kurta massacre play out?

    I have my doubts about Shal being a Kurta clan reject. I believe that Togashi would have said something about it by now, and Shal should have recognized something about them that connected himself to...
  5. [Theory] Re: Ancient Weapons Predictions and Theories

    With our luck, Uranus is going to be some teenage boy who accidentally stumbles upon this great energy/power called Uranus, joins the Strawhat pirates, and only after they've been together on a few...
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    [Theory] Re: Gyro and Meteor City

    It's hard to decide just how Gyro will deal with Meteor city. I mean, he is looking to be king, and Welfin and the others did decide to search for him there, so it's a possibility that he'll try to...
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    [Theory] Re: The Residents of Meteor City Theory

    Now we can liven up this thread again :D So, the topic is the origins of the Genei Ryodan - Meteor city or not?

    For me, I believe that most of them are from Meteor city. It's a big place, so they...
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    Re: ging's secret

    I don't think, in all honesty, Ging had any idea how to get to the Dark continent, knowing the type of person he is. However, they didn't stop him from looking or sharing his dream with Gon, so when...
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    [Battle] Re: Zoldycks vs Genei Ryodan

    Thats not true, however. While they would lose their main leader, the other members would be more than capable of coming up with plans. While Chrollo was getting ready to take down Neon in Yorknew,...
  10. [Question] Re: How did the Kurta massacre play out?

    I'm not so sure that the Phantom Troupe knew those guys, but it could explain how they heard about the clan members, and could target a certain location to try and find them.
  11. [Question] How did the Kurta massacre play out?

    So, now that the special manga for Kurapika's past has been released, along with the movie Phantom Rouge, we know how the Kurta actually died - but what steps were taken to get there? What happened? ...
  12. [Favorites] Re: Character Designs - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    My favourites will have to be:

    Kurapika's revenge-driven and honorable clan member look.
    Kururo's eerie but handsome demeanor.
    Shalnark's playful and youngish appearance (age ???)
    And most of...
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    [Discussion] Re: Final Villian In HxH

    Gyro is probably going to be the last villain. He's probably going to grow through the rest of the arcs, slowly taking over Meteor city, since that's where all rejects of society go, and that means...
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    [Discussion] Re: Ryodan's strength

    The Ryodan's strength is an interesting topic, and I believe that they are very strong.
    Kururo was able to survive his fight against Zeno and Silva, and he wasn't even using his full strength, and...
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