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  1. [Question] Re: Who will win, Sasuke or Naruto? or will they both die?

    ohhhhhhhhh , it's a real hard choice for me , sasuke and naruto became more stronger than before ;), and both of the want to fight the another to prove his point in his situation , but i think that...
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    Re: Sasuke's defeat! my theory...

    there's no way that sasuke in one day he'll became a hokage , the sixth one , no no no no , he is so evil , and naruto should take this position not sasuke ....:(:(
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    Poll: [Predictions] Re: Who will die in the end???

    i think it have to be sasuke , because everytime he do something . . . it's like he's telling the others to kill him , i don't think he'll be alive for long or make it ....:s:s:s
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    [Discussion] Re: Next Hokage

    of corse it will be naruto , cause he is the best for that , and he have everything to be the next hokage ....;)
  5. Poll: Re: Who is the strongest hokage in the history of Konoha

    well , i think it's minato , cause he is the one who fight the *nine tail monster* ...:tem:tem
  6. Re: Now that Naruto had full control over the QB, is mass shadow clone in kyuubi tails possible?

    well , i don't think that he can cause for me it's possible , and even if he can , don't you see that it's going to be a big dizaster , if one kyuubi and they did not believe themselves when they...
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