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  1. [Shoujo] Re: [Featured][Shojo] Akagami no Shirayukihime by Akizuki Sorata

    I love this couple. It's one of the cutest ones >"<
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    Re: [Sunjeong] Bride of The Water God by Yoon Mi-Kyung

    I think it would be your second option -_- Such a awful manwha, but it's just from Korean also. However, it surprisingly attracts me that much >"< I'm crazily waiting for the next chapters!
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    [Shounen] Re: Superior by Ichtys

    I've just found out some in Superior wiki. The vol 1 Superior Cross was released on 26/9/2009.Based on the process I guess that it usually takes 1 year for 2-3 vols.
    Is there anyone know how and...
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    [Shoujo] Re: [Shoujo] Chotto Edo Made by Tsuda Masami

    You have no idea that how much I love Kare Kano >_< I love this mangaka's stories and the warm air I feel for them >_< I'm from Vietnam and I'm not good at Eng, and don't know Jap or Chi ... So, it...
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