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  1. [Help Wanted] Manga Artest wanted for Saviors of Time.

    I am working on Saviors of Times.It will be on my Saviors of Times' blog , but I need a Manga artest.

    Here are some char (character details)

    Neilvill: (Male) (12 years old) Have dark hair...
  2. Re: Saviors of Time:Intro chapter. What do you think?

    Yes, Nebulaion took over Zenvoo body becuase he was one of the strongest humans that Nebulaion was aware of at that time.Nebulaion was once created by the Heavenly Beings as the mother of all...
  3. Saviors of Time:Intro chapter. What do you think?

    Hey, Guys I am Theonesuperx and I would like to try to write Manga. Here is a intro chapter for my manga.

    The History of Plenet Nevah.
    Long ago, There were a created plenet known as by Nevah...
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