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  1. [Seinen] Re: [Bakafish]Until Death Do Us Part Scanlations (latest ch010)

    Well HAO & Uchiha BR release chapter chapter 11 & 12. Though on their website they said

    So as long as its going to be scanlated alls good. xD

    Place is kinda dead.. everyone else read chp....
  2. [Seinen] Re: [Bakafish]Until Death Do Us Part Scanlations (latest ch010)

    Good luck with the on-going translation, cant wait till 11 gets out, would help if I could since this manga kicks major ass xD

    Go Blind Dude!
  3. Replies

    [Shounen] Kain by Uchimizu Touru

    (Volume 1 cover)

    Groups Scanlating: Be With You Scans & Sushi Bar Manga (Joint Project)

    Serialized In: Weekly Shonen Jump.
  4. [Seinen] Re: [Bakafish]Until Death Do Us Part Scanlations (latest ch008)

    Thanks for all the work of the manga! =)

    Looked at some of volume 2 [RAW] and all I can say is I cant wait till its scanlated =)
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