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  1. Poll: [Favorites] Re: Your favorite character in the series?

    aww i missed the poll for this XD

    I would say that I like every characters of this manhwa. But somehow there really is someone who stands out. and that would be master Rai. :luv he is the Noblesse...
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    Sticky: Re: How did you get your username?

    Two colors to describe a rose...Blue yet scarlet red colored rose.. These colors may refer to my character and mood. Calm and calculating blue.. Overflowing with passion or anger or any kind of...
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    Sticky: Re: Where Do You Come From?

    Hi all!! I am from Philippines as well.. I see we have here a few handfuls that come from this country as well.. I reside here in Manila. i guess nothing much is interesting about this city.

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