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    [Info] Re: Pair Puri Discussion Thread

    First of all, huge thanks to Sai_the_Shaman for posting this up so quickly.

    Now I am really curious to see what the other pairings will be, more specifically, who is Konomi-sensei going to pair...
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    [Match] Re: Winners VS Losers

    I see and yes, it does make sense seeing the two strongest players face each other, even more so after Yukimura said (in the anime only though) that he wanted to play Echizen again...using 'Fun...
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    [Match] Re: Winners VS Losers

    Why does everybody want a Yukimura vs Echizen rematch? Wouldn't it be more exciting to see a S1 Echizen vs Tezuka? After all, except that unofficial match ages ago, the two of them have never played...
  4. [Chapter] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 14, 15 and 16 Discussion/Predictions

    It should be Shishido. If I'm not mistaken, there are four Hyotei players on the 'loser side': Gakuto, Kabaji, Shishido and Hiyoshi. Since Hiyoshi is sitting with Gakuto and I seriously doubt Kabaji...
  5. Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Spoiler Thread

    Silly question #1: if Ochibi and Kin-chan have gone MIA, is it possible that they might be allowed to play at a later date? Which would explain why they have no scores or DEF. I might have missed it...
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    [Anime] Re: Prince of tennis OVAs : Another story

    I love Seigaku. They're my number one team and, let's face it, I haven't seen such an adorable-yet-crazy bunch of kids since Captain Tsubasa's Nankatsu. But I digress...

    Echizen's entrances (all...
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    [Anime] Re: Prince of tennis OVAs : Another story

    A LJ user has posted the DVDRip:

    Please don't forget to thank her for the efforts!
  8. [Favorites] Re: Fantasy TeniPuri - Or Create Your Dream Team

    Seeing as we now have this thread:

    Is this one still necessary? i.e. are you guys going to post your teams in here or will you use the...
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    Sticky: Poll: [Hangout] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Hangout Thread

    Okay, I have a couple of questions about the exact time in which each of the Seigaku Regulars earned the right to wear The Jersey for the first time.

    We know for sure that Echizen became a...
  10. [Favorites] Fantasy TeniPuri - Or Create Your Dream Team

    To the Moderators: if this isn't allowed, please just remove the thread.

    The whole point of this thread is that, seeing how I think you're all pretty much PoT (and RL Tennis) experts here, I was...
  11. [Discussion] Re: The match you want to see the most (no vendettas)

    My $0.02 on the Ryoma-is-invincible topic: I'm a HUGE Ryoma fan so my opinion is more than biased, however, to those who think its not good for PoT to have Ryoma always win all the official matches...
  12. [Discussion] Re: The match you want to see the most (no vendettas)

    Not sure if this qualifies as 'vendetta' but I'd love to see a Nanjiro vs Ryoga.
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