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  1. Replies

    [Favorites] Re: YOUR TOP 20 MANGAS!

    Here's mine

    1 : Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    2 : Eyeshield 21
    3 : One piece
    4 : Yakitate!!Japan
    5 : Mushishi
    6 : Sket dance
    7 : Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
    8 : Gintama
  2. Thread: Yamato vs Shin

    by Z Near

    Re: Yamato vs Shin

    A lucky strike ? If it was only a lucky strike , then Shin should have said it's just a lucky strike with his type of character and he wouldn't admit that it was a true lost .
    I didn't say that...
  3. Poll: Re: Who Is Captain Monkey D. Luffy Favorite Crew Member?

    Of course you can't say who 's Luffy favourite , because he like them all .
    Even so , I vote for Zorro .
    He's my favourite One piece character . The first crew Luffy had . Just see Zorro at the...
  4. Replies

    [Chapter] Re: One Piece 508 Discussion/509 Predictions

    Yes , Law is the the one with the most vote ! Another vote for Law .I was attracted from his first appearence . Even his name is cool . Though his power could be inconvinient in battles sometimes ....
  5. Thread: Romance in ES21

    by Z Near

    Re: Romance in ES21

    Oh dear , even though I don't like mamori much , but I think she with Hiruma would be indeed cool . All the understanding and stuff . Please shall it not be Monta and Mamori . I like Monta but still...
  6. Replies

    Sticky: Re: Your Favorite Character in Eyeshield 21!

    ho , definately Hiruma .Never did I see another chareacter like him . The laugh , the style . He was cool when he was 10 too .
    I like Sena , Kakei , Musahi ,and Kid too .
  7. Thread: Yamato vs Shin

    by Z Near

    Re: Yamato vs Shin

    I think Yamato will win , probably . Sene win against Shin , didn't he , even just barely once . Still ,he figure it out . Yamato is much more difficult to handle , even though he is not as fast as...
  8. Re: You know Eyeshield 21's infected your brain when...

    When you wish you were in the story
    When you started to laugh " kekekeke " at the beginning of a talk
    when you have weird dream about joining the Devil Bats in a training camp
    when you like to say...
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