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    [Fan Art] Chibi

    Can anyone please draw me chibi versions of Gotei 13 cover in chapter 494 and individually? thanks. please post it here or send it to my yahoo, thanks! :^_^
  2. [Mag Talk] Re: Weekly Shonen Jump Cover and Color Page Archive

    do you have the cover of Bleach in 2005 issue 51? that's the only cover i need to complete my bleach collection. thanks.
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    [Hangout] Re: The New Big Three?

    What do you mean by interference? I can't get you there.
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    [Hangout] The New Big Three?

    You heard it right. I saw it a while ago and so intrigue about it. Whatcha think about that? Either way, Bleach is still the best manga for me!
  5. [Discussion] Re: What can Gotei 13 use against Vandenreich?

    Simple answer and like I said before: Hollowification! If the Vandenreich has Quincy and Arrancars, I think it might level the playing field if Gotei 13 will Hollowify themselves just for the sake of...
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    [Predictions] Re: Captains and their Advantage

    I like your theory. But I don't think Urahara will die. We both agree that he's such one shady character, because I think he will redeem himself as a trustworthy Captain.

    Now, with your opinion, I...
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    [Discussion] Re: Ichigo's role in future SS

    I don't think Ichigo will live or have a part in future Soul Society. All he just wanted, and we all knew it, is a simple life with his family and friends. But I also think, he will also be a...
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    Poll: Re: Best Manga of 2012

    I nominate Bleach for its awesomeness. That's all!
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    [Page] Color Pages

    Hi there. Newbie here. I just want to know what chapters do Bleach have color pages? I'm collecting it coz I'm a fan. Hope someone will help me find/retrieve it ALL. Thanks!
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    [Predictions] Captains and their Advantage

    With the death of Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and the badass Retsu Unohana (both from the strongest 1st Generation), I think it signaled the new generation and captaincy of the Gotei 13.

    As we...
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    [Chapter] Re: Bleach 534 Discussion / 535 Predictions

    Well, that was a great chapter. I think we're halfway on the flashback, and I can't wait to know what/who really is Ichigo. It seems that we're not yet known to the mystery of the birth of our main...
  12. [Discussion] Re: Urahara's Shady Character To Be Revealed In The Final Arc

    Urahara is known to be a shady character, you're right. He is just one mysterious man with mysterious inventions and intentions. I have a feeling Bach is not the final villain but the Soul King and...
  13. [Theory] Re: White and the neccesity of fullbring arc: connecting all Ichigo's powers, Ichigonator, bankai-theft immunity + the other

    Wow! Like the theory. It seems that White is a major character, at all. You seem to know where Bleach is going through!
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