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    [Shounen] Re: Kuroko no Basket by Tadatoshi Fujimaki

    I've been hoping for an anime for a really long time and I was about to give up. I hope they don't use the VOMIC cast though. Kuroko sounded like a total girl and Kagami sounded way too old. Running...
  2. Thread: The Castle Thread

    by myao

    [TV] Re: The Castle Thread

    As much as I like plot twists, I really liked the Captain and I'm skeptical about his replacement.
  3. Sticky: [Help] Re: Short & Quick Translation Request Thread

    On pg106, the girl says 「私何か書いてんのよ...授業中に妄想SS50ページとか」 = "What am I writing... a 50 page day dream short story", so we can assume the scene in pg105 is imaginined by the pg106 girl.
  4. [School] Re: Do you agree with selling condoms in Universities?

    At my university, you can get them for free at several places on campus. By university, I think most students already have pretty firm beliefs about sex before marriage. If you're against it, giving...
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    [Question] How do you translate subtle nuances in Japanese?

    I was wondering how fellow translators get around the issue of speech elements that are distinctly Japanese.

    For example, what do you guys do about dialects (e.g. Kansai-dialect)? I think the...
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    [Help] Re: [CH] Problem with names

    I replied to this a couple of hours ago, so dunno why it didn't show up.

    The protagonist's name is 四ツ谷稔 (Yotsuya Minoru). There's another female character named 金剛寺美々杏 (Kongouji Bibian) later on...
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