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    Re: The Next CLAMP (Doujinshi)

    Sounds like a great plan! I am going to college soon for Japanese major and i love stories/writing. HMU
  2. Replies

    Re: BLiND, The Story of Kai McKail

    so a dark beginning I love it so far. Story i do not know where its going the introduction just did not feel as inviting to me(probably because it goes str8 into action) more story please. art needs...
  3. Replies

    Re: I'm NEW!

    Like the emotion so far but could still use improvement(paneling backround to). I know it is practice but i do not see where the story going. I get a idea you should go for gag,funny or battle...
  4. Replies

    Re: need artist for shonen style manga

    Best of luck also great read and pics. post a link when your done wouldn't mind buying a copy. Support foreign friends ;). Sadly im just a writer would help :(
  5. Replies

    New/writer help

    Yo whats rockin thomas here i am kinda new to this website and writing stories but i cannot pass up any genre or idea for that i have come to hone, practice and master my interesting ideas and story...
  6. Re: Project: Hako-Bune

    interesting story plus good drawing! You can always take an idea from the greatest book of all time ;). My suggestion give the kid ability to speak to animals(DOG). Make the story a side scroller...
  7. Replies

    Re: Purgatory

    Love the idea looking forward to seeing what else u do. Newb writer acknowledgement :verily
  8. Re: just little story in a manga style

    Best of luck. The first 4 links do not work can u repost them please. It is not easy but i bet you could find a full work or actual names from mangaka on this website. Someone this guy out also if...
  9. Replies

    Re: Idea? Writer and Mangka?

    Solid read i give you praise :). Remember manga has its detail in the art but having a manga were it portrays the thoughts and actions but not talking of the main character would further intrigue and...
  10. Replies

    Re: I'm NEW!

    I am new to so i say Best of luck and practice makes perfect . Sadly i wish i could draw but i am to fascinated with stories to draw and half my time is put into it ;). Hopefully we could work...
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    [Help Wanted] Re: Writer offer a help for artist

    Best of luck its not easy for just anyone to expand there stories in the beyond like u are doing..... Someone help this dood out ;)
    But because of the distortion humans got magical abilities and...
  12. [Help Wanted] Re: Hello, Writer Looking for artist for manga( Don't have to be pro)

    so u have a past problem of partners. Can u give me some insight or experience so i know what to avoid because im still new. By the way i am a writer too so help a brother out.
  13. Re: Artist wants to experiment with an interesting author

    May i ask u what type of story are u looking into because i am still a beginner at story writing and i would prefer to make a duo for all the story ideas i got(trust me i can create). Also great...
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