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  1. [Chapter] Re: Ao no Exorcist Ch. 26 Discussion | Ch. 27 Prediction

    Unicorns FTW XD!!!!
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    Re: The Chiyuu-kyo Thread...

    Imma from Brisbane. Asian Central ^^ Wish i was in Sydney tho, so much more seems to happen down there.

    lol, no im not even near 17 yet. ^^ i skipped 2 and a half grades so im kinda early in to...
  3. [Chapter] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 53, 54 and 55 Discussion/Predictions

    I agree with Chaos that next month only some of the matches will shown in detail, but i hope that by detail, they mean more than the Yukimura vs the no.11 guy's match. Honestly, i was so confused...
  4. [Chapter] Re: Ao no Exorcist Ch. 26 Discussion | Ch. 27 Prediction

    anyone else feel suguro is kinda hypocritical?

    Shima was like: oh yeah i know it's hard on you, him being your dad and everything...

    but then Suguro turns around like, shut up I'll deal with...
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    [Info] Re: Pair Puri Discussion Thread

    i imagined it as more similar to kaido's family^^

    but thx so much sai!
  6. Sticky: [Spoiler] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Spoiler Thread (Next Ch. July 4th)

    where can u get manga raws as soon as they come out?

    plz help ur all talking about something i have no idea about ^^
  7. [Chapter] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 50, 51 and 52 Discussion/Predictions


    thats quite plausible im just not too sure how well Niou and Oishi are going to play together.
    In the original manga they make it seem like kikumaru and oishi are a good pair since Oishi...
  8. [Chapter] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 50, 51 and 52 Discussion/Predictions

    so chapter 51 is out in full...

    and the representatives are smashing everyone?
    I was actually expecting Yukimura to 'ROFLstomp' the no. 11 guy like someone mentioned before.
    but at least he...
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    The Chiyuu-kyo Thread...

    whut am i meant to post in this message? (let me check the others...^^)

    ah...I see.

    Basic Info

    Handle: Chiyuu-kyo (cant put dashes in MH username so...)

    Nationality: Australian
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    Re: Least favorite AG character, and why?

    Simca. useless b- uh...female dog.
  11. [Chapter] Re: Ao no Exorcist Ch. 26 Discussion | Ch. 27 Prediction

    yay chapter 26 is out! ^^

    does it come out weekly? I just started reading so im not sure...

    anyway, it was kinda obvious that shiemi and the other retards from the class (exluding Shima cuz...
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    Sticky: [Request] Re: New Username Request Thread

    can i have my username changed to ~Chiyuuka~ please?

    Arigato Gozaimasu! ~

  13. [Chapter] Re: Shin Prince of Tennis 38 Spoilers and Discussions

    I dont really mind if two wings lose...
    but that whole tezuka tenimuhou thing is kinda messed up...
    and now more people have synchro?
    but i guess they're in high school.
    BUT id rather see fuji...
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