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  1. Replies

    Sticky: [Request] Re: Member Status Change Request

    Requesting a translator status, please. :D
    Here is my translator home.

    Thank you~

  2. Poll: [Other] Re: Facebook VS. Twitter: Which One Do you Like Best ?

    well, twitter is so flurried i thought. wordless and so difficult to understand.
  3. [Favorites] Re: What are your favorite kiss scenes in manga, anime or Asian drama?

    uwoooo~ sasuke and naruto unexpected kiss was damn good ! :D
  4. Replies

    [Character] Re: The coolest Hero!!!

    I'd love to say, Ogami Rei! A mask face in Code:Breaker. He is not really that cool. As Sakurakoujji said, he just warm. Too lame to show his truly self.
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