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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Magi 237 Spoiler Thread

    nah. maybe an exra volume and a half tops. I thougt it was great. either way, its done with, so yoy can let it go lol.
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    Poll: [Spoiler] Re: Magi 236 Spoiler Thread

    So is the time between the raw coming out, and the sense scan translation longer this time around? Isnt it usually like 3 days? Its painful waiting for their translation... I love mah magi. Have they...
  3. [Theory] plausible explanation for missing alma toran scenes.

    I understand that ohtaka was rushed in this arc, and that it most likely effected how she wanted to show certain scenes. Scenes iike Sheba vs. Arba, the mediums touchdown, and solomon banishing al...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Magi 222 Spoiler Thread

    damn good chapter. the red lion species that become the fanalis seem rediculusly beast. mind control!? hell nah. Also, its crazy that illas just some power source from the true higher up. just how...
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    [Favorites] Re: What do you all like most about Magi?

    Oh god, where to start...

    I adore the art. The way Ohtaka handles lighting, metal objects, and abstract art is fantasic. There are alot of panels that make me think of berserk for some reason. I...
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    Poll: [Chapter] Re: Magi 221 Discussion/222 Predictions

    Great chapter!

    I just wonder how much of the betrayal is solomons fault. What if sheba just found out that solomon Did some absurdly cruel thing or had some hidden plot. Or if she realized solomon...
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