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  1. Re: The Skull Knight - Facts, Speculation and Theories

    Here's a crazy ass theory:
    Skull Knight was the first ever God Hand. He was called upon God himself,
    and sacrificed his loved one(now the woman in the horse crest thingy, il explain later).
  2. [Favorites] Re: Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?

    Matsumoto. Shes got huge fu*kin tits.
    To me tits represent the maturity and attract men as mother nature intended.
  3. Poll: [Theory] Re: Possible reasons why Ichigo is immune to Bankai theft

    1. His related to Quincy and we have heard that certain abilities dosen't work on Quincys (Opi's cage)
    2. We have heard that Zangetsu (quincy juha bach look alike) has been protecting Ichigo with...
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    [Theory] Re: Mikasa is a titan shifter

    I don't think Mikasa could be a Titan shifter- if she was...GG
    Come on she is already a bad assssss!
    But no doubt she has a hidden special ability, like
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    [Theory] Re: What are titans made of?

    No offence but if the Ape Titans knew how to code DNA, I think the war between humans and titans would be over?
    Unless the Ape Titans don't want that...
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    [Question] Re: How should Attack on Titan End?

    1st post :o
    Mikasa confesses her love to Eren, Eren is finally mature enough to understand her love,
    they have smexi time together. Mikasa gets pregnant. Eren and Mikasa are sleeping when ...
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