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    [Help] Karneval 26 (need help with one page)

    I don't understand a character's monologue :( Could someone help me with this page?

    The guy (who is doing all the talking) is a company CEO and he invited the girl and the blackhaired guy to tell...
  2. [Done] Re: Karneval 16 (need help with translating some lines)

    :D Thank you so much!! Your translation actually makes perfect sense to me! Gareki seeks revenge on those yatsura, so... Wai, it's just so perfect! Would you mind if I copypaste your translation into...
  3. [Done] Karneval 16 (need help with translating some lines)

    I'm translating Gareki's inner monologue from Karneval chapter 16.

    He and his group have arrived in a wintry country. Then they are presented with a little robot-like thing that is supposed to...
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