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  1. [Mag Talk] Re: Weekly Shonen Jump [2012-2013] - Discussion and TOC Talk - Part 4

    Put all those together and you have your garden varriety ecchi harremLOL Well I can honestly say the robot genre is the last unexplored frontier besides Dr.Slump and Cyborg 009 there really hasnt...
  2. [Mag Talk] Re: Weekly Shonen Jump [2012-2013] - Discussion and TOC Talk - Part 4

    Which is why often big series in the present and past like say Bleach ,Yu Yu hakusho and Hunter X Hunter would start off in a familiar setting human world average person that is then exposed to...
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    Sticky: [Info] Re: Volume Covers Thread - Part 1

    Someone already posted it

    OMG this probably my fav cover of the bunch:hip
  4. [Mag Talk] Re: Weekly Shonen Jump [2012-2013] - Discussion and TOC Talk - Part 4

    Most new series are just lacking that wow factor the characer designs dont catch your interest when Naruto Bleach OP exct.. first where realesed it got your attention from the get go none of these...
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    [Discussion] Re: Why do you like Manga?

    I enjoy mainly for the art it's detailed unlike regular comics wich are like cookie cutter stand stills. You get a since of movement I just find my self emersed in the moment like reading Kenichi dor...
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    [Info] Re: Pictures of Japanese Mangaka

    He looks just like his character if you add some lipstick and hair dye haha
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