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Thread: How hollow masks work

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    Re: How hollow masks work

    Interesting topic...
    My take on it is that you have to split it in two areas:

    - stamina & control: Gradually increases mask output, this is where the Vizards specializes!
    - acceptance & instincts: Allows full use of mask as long stamina and control is counted for.

    Maybe you need both for the mask to be unlimied (untill you litterally run out of power). I think the Vizards still regards them selfs as
    Shinigami, they're not fully grasping for thier Hollow powers, therefore they do pretty damn bad unlike Ichigo, who had to accept his power more than the Vizards ever did (admitedly through force, since he would die othervice).

    I can't deny that we newer ever saw Ichigo accept or come to term with his instincts...

    There is something fishy here, maybe we're not even done with the Hollow arc yet, as in, a follow up arc ... It would certainly explain some loose ends... hmm..
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