Season 1


*Reset happens once every 30 years
*Some sections of Nir know the existence of Adobe.
*The people who are born into Section 4 have been imprinted with the memory that they
have been exiled from Adobe (even though obviously they’ve never been there). They have friends, family and others they’ve left behind.

The protagonist and his friends are in a small time gang called Shockers. They live in Section 4 of Nir which is testing for ‘how people respond to happiness when they themselves are not.’ What the Constants did was they installed media throughout Section 4 that shows the citizens what life is like over the barrier in Abode. The citizens are constantly shown happy, attractive people enjoying their steak and wine under the trees etc. Section 4 is designed to be poor, people work 100 hour weeks for shit pay, 5 families sleep in one room etc. Think ghettos only much worse which is why people turn to extortion and crime.
In Section 4 there is a rumour that for a fee, $10,000; one can buy passage to Adobe if you know the right people that can smuggle you in. If you want to earn $10,000; you must work your ass off 24/7 for about 10 years if you’re not a gang member. One of the protagonist’s fellow gang members recently made enough money to buy his passage in and they threw him a big party. The gate barrier to Adobe is heavily guarded by armed officers. The protagonist and his friends are very interested in earning big money so that they can buy entrance into Adobe. His friend’s memory is imprinted with him being falsely accused of hit & run and thus being exiled. In his memory, he has a loving wife and a 4 yr old son who means the world to him and wants to get back no matter the cost.
One day the protagonist and his friends stumble upon the information detailing the whereabouts of a cocaine stash of a rival gang which if sold, could amount enough money to buy the passage. It is placed in a secluded location. They decide to go, and one of the friends die in a fight with the guard guarding the stash. They manage to acquire the stash but the other friend decides to betray the protagonist and knocks him out, stealing the stash for himself.
The protagonist wakes up and makes his way back home and finds everyone lying on the ground, breathless, unconscious, dead. The Reset had happened. The protagonist is extremely confused and scared. He sees his friend who betrayed him dead in his room with $10,000 in the pocket. He leaves the room and sees the big TV in town centre showing the happy and smiling people in Abode. Crying, he makes his way to the gate barrier, and finds that the guards have also died. He makes his way across the border and opens the gate. Behind, there is a corridor where he finds piles and piles of corpses with gunshots on their head. One of them is his previous fellow gang member who bought his $10000 passage. Turns out that the whole thing was a scam; there never was a legitimate way of getting into Abode. The guards that were guarding the ‘gate’ were not Adobe citizens; they were scammers from Section 4 who promised entry to people and when they got the money, killed them beyond the gate. At the end of the corridor, there is a steel gate. The protagonist makes way for it and tries to open the steel gate. The gate is very futuristic in design and it does not open. The protagonist realises kneels in despair realising the whole ‘$10000 passage’ was a scam. He cries with his back on the steel door. After a while, he suddenly hears a soft whirring and a click, and the door opens.