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Thread: [Chapter 154 - pg 15 -Panel 1] Colour Ashura-ou

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    [Chapter 154 - pg 15 -Panel 1] Colour Ashura-ou

    Hello! Yes, as the title says... I've coloured Ashura-ou ^_^ Due it's my first time colouring a manga page (or part of it >.>), be nice please. lol.

    I love this RG Veda Character, so I decided to give him my own colours as I imagined him (da hell?). xP

    Btw, I added Noise to the pic.
    THIS PIC IS TOTALLY SPOILER!!! For those who haven't read TRC chapter 154, I don't recommend you seeing the pic. Well.. .if you don't want to get it spoiled. >.> (Eventhough it doesn't spoil too much.)

    I hope you enjoyed.

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