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Thread: What do you guys/girls think about energy drinks?

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    What do you guys/girls think about energy drinks?

    I started drinking like Redbull and coffee but not too much. I like it sometimes because it gives me a good spark to practice and sometimes make me focus more in times of stress or when I'm really tired. I feel like I should cut down and start getting use of practicing without those drinks. I heard they are bad for you but I don't drink coke just water and juice. Energy drinks are the only bad thing I drink. But I also drink water while I'm drinking a Redbull.

    I was wondering what is yall take in this. I don't want bad affects later. Like you can't start off your day or practice without drinking one. I don't want to get like that.

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    Re: What do you guys/girls think about energy drinks?

    Just personal preference but I try and stay away from artificially made stuff, especially with fake sweeteners and the like. Now I do make the exception with beer, but its nearly natural, and no artificial stuff anyhow.

    I work a rotating shift and sit for long periods of time, and some shifts can be really rough if its boring and you didnt get enough sleep. My personal choice for an energy drink besides just plain coffee or tea, is starbucks doubleshots. I keep a few in my locker. Its mostly natural, coffee, cream, sugar. It often takes until they expire for me to finish 4... so I have them in moderation. I wouldnt be recommending a few a day like some people seem to need energy drinks. I know its not always easy or possible, but better to get more sleep, less stress, better nutrition, etc.

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