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Thread: Create a Bankai for Your Favorite Character

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    Create a Bankai for Your Favorite Character

    create a bankai for the VCs you like . what would it be ? u r all free to fly xd

    i'll go with kira since he's my fav VC ;

    when he releases his bankai , a strong pressure falls on the air as far as his reiatsu can reach . different from his shikai's ability ,he doesnt need to make a real contact with his sword . his zanpakuto will have a different nature where as long as kira keeps fighting with a high spirit ,it will get lighter and kira will feel lighter too . he will feel more and more refreshing .
    and while kira is feeling lighter , in reality the pressure on the air will get stronger and it will become harder for the enemy to move .
    in kira's highest power-state ,anybody within the reach of his reiatsu will be forced to stop

    ofcourse there is a downside to this where some reiatsu beasts such as zaraki can easyly break this pressure releasing their own with a stronger power ...which naturally makes them the worst match up against kira

    Feel free to create a bankai here for any character who we suspect has not achieved one yet. For speculation of existing bankais, please use this thread. Thanks ^^ ~igotthegoods
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