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Thread: Announcement: More Raruto

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    Announcement: More Raruto

    Well, I just talked to Jesulink about this stagnation in the english chapters, and... he gave me permission to release more Raruto chapters!! (yeah, I almost don't believe it myself ^_^U)

    So basically, that's what I'll do. Translating them I can do, but since I seem to be a n00b at editing, it'd be awesome if someone was willing to help me there (the more the merrier, I guess).

    So if you want to help at editing Raruto and make it come out faster, send me a PM.

    So, stay tuned for Raruto 08!
    Raruto Sisepuede season 2 started a while ago!
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    Re: Announcement: More Raruto

    Cool, good luck ^^

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