The mods have decided to close and remove the Boobs thread and to implement a new policy here:

No, we are not against thread that openly exchange pictures of ecchi, yaoi, yuri, and whatnot (as long as there is not full frontal nudity) and still allow them to be opened and enjoyed here, but the discussion must remain mature and reasonably unoffensive here.

The thread also must follow the 'no-nudity' rule, which the Boobs thread did not; it was revealed one of our moderators had to delete at least thirty images that crossed the line too far. As none of our moderators want to constantly monitor a thread that breaks the rules so often, we deleted that one since it had gotten to such a bad start.

So simply said: any discussions centered around semi-pornographic images or gore/graphic violence (won't forget that) which seems to invite an immature attitude from too many of our members and complaints from other members that love this community, we reserve the right to delete.