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Thread: Trends between Personality and Body Type among (female) Anime characters

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    Trends between Personality and Body Type among (female) Anime characters

    I'm curious as to what everyone has noticed as far as major trends (you can mention specific character examples, but there should be at least two) between personality traits and physical character design in females across Anime. Particularly, I'm interested in the dichotomy of introversion and extraversion, and classical archetypes, such as Red Oni / Blue Oni, the shrinking violet, the stoic, the boisterous one, the tomboy, the emotionless girl, ect. What physical traits and general body types have you noticed that tend to be associated with certain personality traits / archetypes?

    In particular:
    Hair (color / length)
    Boob size
    Athleticism / general body type

    Finally, what reasons could you think of for each trend you've noticed?

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    Re: Trends between Personality and Body Type among (female) Anime characters

    Long haired Tsuns that do the hair flip thingy, is that one?

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