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Thread: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. I'm Bisexual
    2. I'm a Saggitarius
    3. I'm a bit of a Dork
    4. I have Brown Hair
    5. Brown-Hazel Eyes
    6. I live in Toronto
    7. I'm French, Brazilian, English and Cherokee
    8. I have 4 phobias
    9. Yaoi is my guilty pleasure
    10. I've been drawing since I was 8
    11. I consider the number "9" a lucky number
    12. My inner color is "lilac" when I'm Happy
    13. My outer color is "Midnight Blue" when I isolate my self and mind
    14. I consider myself very unual, not normal
    15. I know 3 languages
    16. I'm a Internet Attic
    17. Anime is the #2 greatest thing in the world next to sex
    18. I have a tattoo of a ribbon below my neck
    19. I wear glasses sometimes
    20. My favorite show is.... I hate TV
    21. I like Punk Rock anything
    22. I don't like to listen, but I'm not a bitch
    23. I can count to 10!
    24. I hate mint chocolate chip
    25. I wish I was dead c:
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    Re: 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. My real name is Nicolas.
    2. And nobody calls me Nicolas (IRL in France at least).
    3. I have a strong liking to the number 3 and it's multiples, why ? Go to 6 if you want to know...
    4. The number of years I played football (soccer) and the number of years it took me to realize I hate to play this sport...
    5. I have a HUUUUGE dislike in general for football (soccer).
    6. My Birthday : 03/12/93 -> 3/1+2/9+3 -> 3/3/12 -> 3/3/1+2 -> 3/3/3 -> it's three 3
    7. I played Handball 6 years, and I love that sport...
    8. The number of friends I have called like me. (this explains number 2)
    9. 9-3=6 my "name's day" in France (go to 6)
    10. I have two sisters, one older, one younger...
    11. I learned really late how to swim and ride a bike. (I was 11)
    12. My favorite month : december (birthday, "name's day", christmas, new year, plus some snow)
    13. My older sister studied in an Art School .
    14. It's the reason I want to do a creative job.
    15. My dream job : sound designer for video games.
    16. My "I'm okay with it" job : sound engineer.
    17. I would have loved to be a researcher in any field of study.
    18. I'm a really curious person, I may spend hours just for something useless but still catching my attention.
    19. My favorite website is wikipedia, it's great to lose countless hours, reading interesting stuff...
    20. I am 20... BADUM TSS !
    21. I don't know how to draw...
    22. I have a terrible handwriting, it looks like I am 5 years old...
    23. I tend to use a lot of punctuation ! Maybe ? Or not...
    24. I am half Belgian.
    25. And half German.
    26. With another half of Italian blood.
    27. And a fourth half coming from spain...
    28. The trick is to go back from at least 6 generations.
    29. My surname allows a lot of puns in french
    30. Oh, and I'm french by the way.
    31. But currently living in Ireland. (Erasmus for one year)
    32. My favorite character in Shingeki no Kyojin is Jean.
    33. I have 184 games on steam, I should get a life...
    34. My favorite music video is : Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (wait a sec it's a movie in fact, but nobody cares)
    35. The first anime I ever saw was the first episode of FMA broadcasted in France.
    36. I played more than 2000 hours Super Smash Bros Melee on Gamecube.
    37. My favorite character is Marth, the second one is Pink Captain Falcon, and then there is Ness.
    38. The last game I bought for a console was "Fire Emblem Awakening"
    39. I have 7074 songs in my media library in winamp...
    40. One of my favorite video games is "Bastion"
    41. I become a total wuss when my eyes are more than two meters above the floor...
    42. I am 1 meter 95cm high...
    43. I studied web design for two years by mistake and don't know how to code anything properly.
    44. In twenty years of lifetime, I never went further than 5000Km from my home.
    45. I tend to taunt myself a lot.
    46. I watched "Ano hi Mita" and "Angel Beats", in a row, I didn't cry... (biggest achievement in my entire life)
    47. I am agnostic.
    48. I have a really low resistance to alcohol (and I'm surviving in Ireland)
    49. I have blue eyes, "brownish/blondiish" hair, and people tend to think that I'm way more than 20 while I think that I look like a 16 year old kid...
    50. I have a self-esteem lower than Mariana Trench. (for the greater good, see 45)
    51. I have a problem with rules
    52. I enjoy to do longposts.
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