After catching up with Toriko, Berserk, Hunter x Hunter and reading 666 Satan, I decided to read Kingdom, in my continuous journey of experiencing manga that earn praise from many different people.
I've just finished chapter 356 and with that the Coalition Invasion Arc.

So far I have to say that Kingdom is an amazing ride. Every manga, that I find to be enjoyable, seems to have a special quality that makes it worth reading. For some it's complex characters, for some the world, the plot, the mysteries and so on. With Kingdom it's quite easilly "badassness". That term might sound lame, but it acutally sums up the essense of the manga quite well for me (Especially Ouki, that motherf*cker is beyond amazing).
And even though this manga is heavilly action oriented, that doesn't mean it's mindeless. It's not just like a Transformers movie, where you have to swith off your brain entirely to be able to watch it. Kingdom has actual depth to it and does a good job of making you care for it's characters.

Overall Kingdom gets a solid 9/10 for me, and the Coalition Invasion Arc a 10/10 as one of the best arcs I've experienced in any manga.