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Thread: Theory about Vergo having Metal paramecia Devil Fruit.

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    Re: Theory about Vergo having Metal paramecia Devil Fruit.

    Quote Originally Posted by KuroKarasu View Post
    I don't know why he would need a metal paramecia. It would be a 100% useless writing decision by Oda. It wouldn't really make him stronger or more special. He was just the best CoA user the Strawhats have faced so far. Even CP9 said that they have metal bodies!

    Why I think it would be uneccessary:
    Many of you guys act like metal paramecia would make Vergo surviving possible. If everything you care about is if he survives or not then even without a DF he could be alive. Who says that he can't use CoA just because he is cut up? Also who says that the explosion would've killed him in the first place? We have seen many characters survive insane stuff. So he wouldn't need metal paramecia to SURVIVE. But what for??? What would giving him a DF change?

    Imo it would be a silly writing decision. And stuff sticking to him is just 4 the lolz if that was a hint then it was a horrible one.

    PS: Like somebody mentioned before: we have never seen anyone with a DF being introduced without his Df being introduced aswell. I could only imagine that being the case if it was NECESSARY to explain something. And it isn't.
    All nice that you write about silly writing decisions when in One Piece we seen weirder things happen really and this would be a bit of something new from Oda as even now during Dressrosa arc he does not name all devil fruits right away. Besides as I wrote before and as it gets proven one person after another in Doflamingos crew is revealed as Devil Fruit users. In my opinion Vergo is no exception.

    CP9 said that their body is as hard as steel when they use tekkai but if Vergo is possibly metal devil fruit user then he can be far harder than steel for example.
    Rokushiki would be perfect fighting style for someone with that kind of devil fruit as it would make attacks even more effective than with normal body.
    Also its quite cocky to say that if food sticking to Vergos face was hint then it was horrible one- sure for you it can be horrible, for me its quite clear that something is going on with his body that we dont know by the name yet.

    Reading all replies to my way of thinking here I must say that it looks like plenty of you people deny possibility of me being right out of.. well denial. Simply put Oda can change some things in reveals of Devil Fruits and in plenty more aspects. Beside that it would be nice finishing up of a build up for strength reveal of strawhats that we still kind of await. Sanji polishing his legs in hell as he said would make plenty sense if he would be kind of proven in keeping up with his own body with durability of a metal man. Crack in Sanjis thinner leg bone would also be kind of explained as he could have been expecting tekkai or something on same level of hardness while blocking and Vergos hardness surpassed what he was expecting- so he clearly underestimated Vergo there even keeping both hands in pockets and smoking a cig like there is no danger when Vergo started to get pissed. Soon enough I expect Law getting long awaited flashback and then we will see who was right once and for all.
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