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Thread: Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament by Kamachi Kazuma

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    Re: Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament by Kamachi Kazuma

    Welp the preview is up on Baka tsuki, looks like we're really in it for the boss rush...

    Spoiler show
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    Re: Toaru Majutsu no Index: New Testament by Kamachi Kazuma

    Just caught up with the last updates:

    1st fight: He beat Accel, who is tougher now but a part of me would have wanted him to encounter Mugino, or the famous Level 6. Male tsunderes are always good.
    2nd fight: Average but Touma was damn funny.
    3rd fight: This one is my favorite for now, Touma's sophistry at its best and some quotes were just awesome, as usual he is a quick thinker.
    4th fight: My second favorite, poor Kanzaki, too bad Carissa didn't do much though.

    I noticed Touma is more perverted than usual . He is becoming more and more awesome. I am not sure if that 3 protagonists rule will apply after all this become he is starting to seriously overshadow Accel and the badass normal Hamazura.

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    The volume is fully translated...already .

    Round 05: I am really interested by Marian's weapon, she invoked Vishnu... Dvergr techniques are really wonderful but what I liked the most was Touma's line at the end, just giving his cellphone and departing after a deadly fight... Mjolnir will surely come back later, I wonder if she will become human again if Touma touches her. Expecting her to join his harem soon.

    Round 06: Well, Katze acted as I expected, rationally. The soldiers were funny but like that soldier in WWIII, I doubt they will appear again.

    Round 07: Prelude to Misaka's fight and reminded me that machines still can't surpass Level 5 Espers that easily. I never considered she could be powerful enough to be a multitude of FIVE_Over by herself.

    Round 08: Give it a rest alreadyyyy . One of my favorite fight and it was funny too. Ironically she was the one trying to do Touma's job. Electricity users sure like to punch him.

    Round 09: Hum, it was good but I expected more from Birdway...

    Round 10: That fight was underwhelming too but just as Katze, Ollerus acted rationally.

    Round 11: Easily my favorite fight! Thor is fabulous and OP even for a magician, I thought he was just a normal one, how did he reach such a level? It means he wasn't even at full power against Silvia. Amusing that it was Thor who managed to motivate Touma despite knowing nothing of their situation. And the catchphrase at the end~~~~:WTF. I wonder when he will say Such Misfortune again.

    Round 12: I won't pretend I can understand Othinus LOL but why ruin Touma's efforts here? Katze was cool but that cat...

    Round 13: A dimension separated of the world, Vishnu was in previous chapters and we have a Buddha, Nephtys, Alesteir. Othinus was just a pawn; ToAru world got even bigger. I find it funny for Alesteir to say that that they are just living in a different dimension considering what he does himself. Othinus is saved, Touma is at hospital again. I didn't think Touma would have ever considered that the death of someone could save him, he has grown. I hope Othinus will stay with him and become like Touma's pet .

    If I had to rank them my favorite fights would be: Round 11, 03, 08, 04, 01, 05, 02, 07, 06, 09 10 and 12 were equally enjoyable tome. Chapter 19 and Epilogue were my favorite parts.

    Guessing what will be in the next volume is even harder now. GREMLIN's saga is over.

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