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Thread: [JP] need help with a sentence

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    [JP] need help with a sentence

    Hey guys, I need help with a quick sentence:


    so I get that it's something about a person who will be forced to work hard and has no complaints... but the なんだろうが in the middle is throwing me off a bit.

    The context is that the student council needs a new temporary member to help out with the upcoming school festival. As it is a temporary position, the new member won't have an official title. If anything, they are the errand boy. This sentence I need help with is describing the type of person the student council wants.

    anyway, thanks in advance! ^^
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    Re: [JP] need help with a sentence

    なんだろうが = "or whatnot", "or whatever", "or something" (when it follows forms like ~ろうが or ~ようが)
    A person who doesn't complain when they're being worked hard or whatnot.

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